wedding photography prices

Wedding Photography Prices: How To Save On Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding photography is a very important aspect of a wedding as it is these photos that will forever remind you of that precious moment in your life. Though pretty expensive, you do not necessarily have to break the bank in order to get some decent shots of that priceless moment. In this article, we discuss some tips on how to save on wedding photography prices while at the same time coming out with some quality shots.

wedding photography packages

Tips To Save On Wedding Photography Packages

Consider hiring local photographers. A local photographer will normally charge you less as he does not have to incur extra transport costs or other costs of moving his equipment to your venue. Most photographers normally base their fees on travel time therefore the shorter the distance, the less he will charge you. Some local photographers are even likely to discount their wedding photography prices especially if the wedding venue is within close proximity of their studio.

Shop Around And Compare Wedding Photography Prices

It would not be a bad idea to do some window shopping to find out what all the potential photographers have got to offer. You can research through friends who have had weddings before or by simply visiting the photographer’s studio.  Once you’ve discussed their wedding photography prices some of the questions you may ask them include whether or not they offer discounts, what they charge and whether they have referral programs in place. Also be sure to ask what types of wedding photography packages they offer. By doing this, you will know who the cheaper photographer is or who offers better cost saving incentives.

Book Your Wedding Photographer As Early As Possible

It would be cost effective to book your wedding photographer as soon as you have set the wedding date. This is because most professional photographers will give you a quote according to the current market rates and not the expected rates at the time of the wedding. This could save you from additional costs arising out of inflation in future.

Hire A Home Based Photographer As Opposed To One Who Works From A Studio

The one who works from home is more likely to be cheaper and will not pass over his rent arrears on to you. The fact that he works from a home office means he will not pay for extra overheads and will therefore be cheaper.

Consider Holding Your Wedding During Off Peak Seasons

Weddings are normally flooded around summer and as a result, photographers are on high demand. They also take this as an opportunity to hike their wedding photography prices just because their demand has risen. As a cost saving way, you could consider planning your wedding for the off peak seasons when weddings are scarce and photographers are not so much on demand. You could also consider holding your wedding on a day other than Saturday when most weddings are held and photographers are so much on demand.

Reduce The Wedding Coverage

Reducing the time of wedding coverage by the photographer may also reduce the wedding photography prices. Rather than having him cover the whole day, you could settle for coverage of only the special moments worth capturing. You can also purchase a couple of disposable cameras for other guests to cover some aspects of the ceremony and have them send you the shots after. This will also reduce on the coverage by the main photographer and save you a couple of dimes.

wedding photography prices

As seen above, wedding photography does not necessarily have to be expensive. You can employ some of the above tips and come out with pictures that you will cherish and love forever.

Denis is a freelance writer that loves to share tips to help people save money on their wedding. You can have a look at his site if you want to learn more on him.


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