Product Photography How To – Set Up And Shoot Ad Worthy Images

Product Photography how to. Here’s what you need to know. There will come a time in every photographer’s life when it’s essential to capture images of products. Product photography is not necessarily limited to advertisements or auction listings. Product photography can come into play in a variety of settings. For example: wedding details. Wedding details play an important part of telling the complete story. You may also want to capture elements of a newborn’s nursery during a shoot. With the popularity of prop photography at an all time high it is essential to know how to capture objects just as well as you capture people. And of course there is always still life.

Product photography can become a viable source of extra income. It’s something you could do right from your own home or studio or you could travel to the location. Even with travel time this is something you could do with swiftness and ease as you won’t face the challenges that come with photographing living subjects.

With a little knowledge behind you you can add product photography to your portfolio. It is not necessary to have a lot of fancy equipment to get started. With just the basics you can achieve great results. Here is how I achieved these shots

Product Photography How To


Product Photography How To


Product Photography How To:

For the shots above the set up was essentially the same

I am using the Dig-Pro 60cm/3 Light Soft Lighting Studio Kit which has gone down to an all time low price. I am not sure how long that price is good for but it’s currently $284 down from the $421 I paid a couple of years ago. It also comes in a smaller 40cm version and is currently $219. Shooting in a softbox really helps to achieve superior results but you don’t have to buy one you can actually build your own with a little ingenuity.

The Dig Pro comes with all the lighting you need to get started but if you’d like more useful information about lighting and set up read be sure to see this post with helpful Photograpy Tips from Scotty Wyden

I am using ring lights on either side which i am double diffusing with simple white paper taped to the lights. Overhead I am using the kitchen lighting fixture with a natural daylight fluorescent bulb.

A tripod with the camera’s image stabilization deactivated is a must for the sharpest image possible. Additionally I am using a shutter remote to further assure a sharp image. And finally I am shooting in RAW and am tethered directly to Lightroom so I can view every image as it’s shot so that I know I’ve captured exactly what I want.

Viewing the images above it would seem I had a super fancy set but really I didn’t. I let the light, the camera and some very simple props do all the work. You can see from the photo below precisely how I have everything set up.

Last but not least the images were finished up in Photoshop to achieve a more polished look. See my previous post on Photo Editing With Photoshop.

Product Photography How To Set Up

Product Photography How To


Tech Specs



Lens –  Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm 1.28 G


There you have it. This is my the method I use for achieving 80% of product shots. I do, and strongly encourage you to expirement from time to time. But with these basics under your belt you can be assured to get the shot. Be sure to tune in for the next installment of this 3 part series when I will show you exactly how to set up and shoot tethered into Lightroom.

Thanks for tuning in and if you have a friend who could appreciate these tips be sure to share this post with them. And as always share your thoughts with us as well as any tips and tricks you may have!


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