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Photography Apps: 28 iPhone Photography Apps To Help You Shoot Like A Pro

Photography Apps: What’s On Your Phone?

Are you looking for some photography apps to keep your creativity running in high gear? Are your current iphone photography apps just not getting the job done? Here’s a list of oh so useful photography apps to help you be more productive, learn to better manipulate your camera, connect to peers and so much more.

While all apps won’t solve all problems they will generally guide you in the right directions. Don’t expect an app to do it all for you. Use these helpful tools to assist, guide and educate yourself.

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28 Of The Best  iPhone Photography Apps

1.  On1  DSLR Camera Remote - [Discontinued –  Here’s Why]

This post starts off with sad news. As of May 12, 2013 this app is no longer on itunes and will no longer be supported or developed by On1. If you already have this app you know how great it is. Current owners can download the remote server HERE. All others sadly have missed the boat on a truly great app.


Photography iPhone Apps


2.  Exposure Calc - .99¢ [See it on iTunes]

If you are struggling to figure the correct exposure settings this handy app can give you a fair assement of where to begin. It gives you a variety of scenarios to choose from and then lets you set iso, aperature or shutter speed and then tells you the correct settings for each.

iphone apps


3.  DSLR Kit For Dummies - .99¢ [See it on iTunes]

This is a great app, especially for beginners or those daring to brave full manual. It comes with tips, tools and even an exposure calculator. For 99¢ you can’t beat it. Though it doesn’t appear to have been updated in a while the information that is there is solid.


photography apps


4.  The Photo Forum – Free [See it on iTunes]

If you are a member of the Photo Forum and want to stay connected while on the go then this app is for you.

photography iPhone apps


5.  Advanced Photographer Magazine –  Free [See it on iTunes]

If you’d like to read Advanced Photographer Magazine on your iPhone then you will enjoy this app. Though the app is free you need to purchase copies of the magazine you’d like to download. You may also use your pixelmags subscription to access previously purchased copies from this app.

Photography apps


6.  Learn Photoshop CS6 by Serge Ramelli $5.99 [See it on iTunes]

This app is 5.99 but well worth it.

Photography apps


7.  Lightroom Basics by Serge Ramelli $5.99 [See it on iTunes]

Though there is a free version it’s worth the 6 dollars to get the more informative version.

apps for photographers


8.  Lightroom 4 Retouching by Serge Ramelli $5.99 [See it on iTunes]

Again $5.99 but again worth it.

iphone apps for photographers



9.  Photo Toaster –   $1.99 [See it on iTunes]

A super little photo editing app for your iPhone. Allows you to save or send your edited photos to e-mail, sms, facebook, instagram, twitter, flickr and tumblr. Also available in a free version.

photography apps


10.  Flickr Free [See it on iTunes]

Connect with Flickr, upload your photos, connect with other users and all that good stuff.

iphone apps for photographers


11.  Instagram –  Free [See it on iTunes]

Instagram just may be one of the most popular photography apps. I personally don’t have Instagram but since i’m probably the only one who doesn’t I figure I may as well list it here. Edit and share your photos as well as view photos of your friends.

instagram iphone app


12.  Wedding Photographer’s Starter Kit - $6.99 [See it on iTunes]

If you are interested in getting started in wedding photography you may enjoy this app.

wedding photography iphone app


13.  Pop Photo Poses - $2.99 [See it on iTunes]

Pop Photo Poses collaborates with Lindsay Adler to provide a handy guide of photo poses.

photography poses ipone app


14.  Couples & Engagement Poses - $2.99 [See it on iTunes]

Though reviews are mixed on this one if you’d like to get started posing couples this guide may be helpful to you.

photography apps


15.  Shoot Local –  Free [See it on iTunes]

Scout and share great photography locations.



16.  Photography & Photoshop News - $1.99 [See it on iTunes]

Want the latest scoops on all things photography? How about Photoshop? Then this app is for you.

photography apps: 28 photography iphone apps


17.  B&H Photo - Free [See it on iTunes]

B&H Photo, we all know what that is. Here is their app. Shop their site directly from your iPhone.

b&h photo iphone app


18.  Digital SLR Magazine - Free [See it on iTunes]

Free but not free. While the app is free you still need to purchase the actual magazine. But this is a great way to take your subscription with you.

-6 Months at £14.99 / $20.99
-1 Year at £27.99. / $39.99

digital slr magazine app


19.  The Photographer’s Ephemeris –   $8.99 [See it on iTunes]

This powerful tool help you get the lay of the land when planning outdoor shoots. Especially useful for nature and landscape photographers. But equally useful to any photographer as it will tell you the time and position of the sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset.

the photographer's ephemeris iphone app


20.Best Photo Times - $1.99 [See it on iTunes]

This app gives you sunrise and sunset times as well as alerting you to the position of the sun or moon.

best photo times app


21.  Top Model Release - $8.99 [See it on iTunes]

Highly recommended model release app.

top model release for photographers


22.  CamRanger –  Free  [See it on iTunes]

While the interface is a bit clunky this is a pretty solid app with good reviews. Wirelessy control your camera with this app.



23.  iExposure –  Free  [See it on iTunes]

Another great app to help you take control in manual mode.

exposure app for iphone


24.  Pocket Light Meter –  Free  [See it on iTunes]

If you are not ready to invest in a light meter or don’t feel like packing all your gear this app may be just what you are looking for.

pocket light meter app for iphone


25.  Capture Pilot -  Free [See it on iTunes]

Capture Pilot by Phase One lets you display images during a shoot directly to your iPhone. Zoom and pan, rate and tag images on the fly.

capture pilot app for iphone


26.  Adobe Photoshop Express -  Free [See it on iTunes]

Correct images on the go with this lite version of Photoshop for your iPhone.

adobe photoshop express iphone app


27.  Nikon Learn & Explore - Free [See it on iTunes]

View images and video. Get the photography tip of the day. Decipher photography terms in the the photography glossary.

best iphone apps for photographers


28.  EOS Remote by Canon - Free [See it on iTunes]

Canon users can enjoy this impressive camera remote.

best photography iphone apps



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