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High Resolution Textures: How To Change Background Image

What are high resolution textures?

How do high resolution textures differ from any other texture? In the case of high res textures, high resolution does not just refer to image size. Although typically a high resolution texture or photo will be larger than a photo taken at low resolution.

High resolution textures were shot in camera or scanned to a computer at a resolution of 240 dpi or more. This means that the image can be viewed at large scale and still maintain sharp crisp quality. This is ideal for printing as well as creating enlargements. It is also imperative for working with the large images a photographer is accustomed to working with.

A perfect way to demonstrate the different is to take a photo with your cell phone and then take the very same image with your DSLR. Provided you have your dslr set to high quality photos you will create a high res or high resolution image. Most dslrs allow you the option to shoot in high resolution or create images specifically for the web.

When shooting textures make sure you have your camera’s quality set to the highest settings or preferably shoot in raw. If you don’t have the time or inclination to shoot textures there are tons of high resolution textures readily available for download on the web. But be careful because all textures are not created equal.


What To Look For When Choosing Textures

As a photographer first and foremost you want to make sure you are downloading high resolution textures because you yourself will be working with large images that will most likely be printed. Textures created for web simply will not do.

You’ll want to look for textures that are sharp from edge to edge and are free of any vignetting or edge blur. If you want a vignetted appearance you can always add that yourself.

Many styles and types of textures will work for photographers. It will all come down to what your design intentions are. Naturally you can use textures to create interesting backgrounds for your subjects. But textures can also be used to create dramatic effects and lighting to your images. Be sure to see my post on applying textures to images for a tutorial.

For photographer backgrounds you may opt for something grungy, or choose from brick or wood walls. Really the options are limitless. When you just want to add texture to the overall image you want to opt for something much more subtle.

In this video I’m going to show you how to change background of a picture using   a texture.

Here is what we will be creating. Download the free high resolution textures below to follow along.

 How To Change Background Image

How To Change Background Image Using A High Resolution Texture

 Be sure to turn on HD & view in full screen!

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High Resolution Texture Packs

If you are looking for some excellent high res textures we’ve got some great sets in our boutique. Check them and choose your favorites or grab them all. You can never have too many textures!


Urban Grunge Vol. 1

High Resolution Texture


Urban Grunge Vol. 2

High Resolution Textures


Urban Grunge Vol. 3

High Resolution Textures


Urban Grunge Vol. 4

high res textures


Urban Grunge Seamless Vol. 1

Photographer Background

You can also see these amazing textures at my Creative Market shop



Download Free High Resolution Texture Pack

Want to sample our textures? Here’s a set of 8 to download and try for free! Included is a brick texture you can use to follow along with the tutorial and learn how to change background image of a picture. Enjoy. Love these textures or this tutorial? Share this page with a friend


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