Album Templates for Photographers – Why All Photographers Should Use Them

Still On The Fence About Offering Album Creation Services?

As a photographer you know the importance of staying current. To stay competitive you have to know what your clients want and most importantly what they need. Once you’ve assessed the current trends, classic stylings and today’s must have product, you need to be able to deliver. Offering album creation services is a natural progression for any photographer. Creating albums for your clients just makes sense. Album templates for photographers are designed to be a essential tool for your business, allowing you to offer this service with minimal time and effort.


What is the difference between a Photographer’s Album Template and a Photo Book?

An album template for photographers has been designed with the photographer in mind. Though a completed photographer template will much resemble a traditional photo book the template has been designed to make album completion a breeze for photographers. Unlike a photo book which is generally created with an online software you are given a template that gives you complete control over the finished product. You will have the to option to change colors, add text, insert or remove photos and finally save for printing with printer of your choice.


Why shouldn’t I just allow my clients to have their own books created?

Think about today’s biggest retail giants. The Targets and Walmart’s of the world are offering everything from car parts to groceries. Why? Because they know their customers need things. And they need an affordable and convenient way of getting those things. Every marketing agent knows that once you’ve lost the customer’s attention you’ve lost the sale.

By placing milk and bread a few short steps away from motor oil the customer can shop freely without worrying about running off to the next stop to get items for tomorrow’s breakfast. The same is true for your photo services. While you are presenting your sales package you don’t want your customer worrying about how they are going to display them, or where they are going to go to see about getting them displayed. Instead while showing them photo packages you should follow the natural and logical path that leads them to display options. They will thank your for it.


I don’t have time to create photo albums.

Make time. As they say, time is money. If you are not offering your clients a photo album creation service then that is money you’re client is spending with someone who isn’t you. You’d be surprised to find out that creating an album really doesn’t take as long as you might think. And once you’ve developed a routine it will become a part of your natural work flow.


I don’t know how to create photo albums.

Not to worry. A well designed photographer’s album template is created with you in mind. The templates are well thought out and can be completed in a simple drag and drop manner. Feeling skeptical? Watch this video and see just how simple it is.



Still not convinced?

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Album Templates For Photographers

10. Your clients trust you. Your clients may be totally oblivious as to their options for displaying their photos. Even if they have a general idea of what they want they look to you for the best solutions.


09. Creating your own albums gives you the ultimate control over how your images are displayed. This will ensure that everyone who sees the album gets a perfect idea of your vision.


08. Your clients want, need and desire to display their photos. After investing in professional photos you can bet your clients want to show them off. Won’t you be the hero when you come through viable suggestions and even offer to perfom this service for them?


07. You will increase your perceived value –  by offering services your client needs and alerting them to the best options you are establishing yourself valuable resource to your customers.


06. Amazing de stressing powers. Believe it or not creating photo albums can actually be a great de stressor. Not only will you be able to oogle over your own work but you’ll get to relive moments of the couples wedding while writing your clients wedding story.


05. It’s fun and lot easier than you may think.


04. If you are not providing this service, someone else will.


03. Increased sales and revenue –  Don’t think of album creation as a chore. Think of it as a service. A paid service. One that is of great value to your customer.


02. Increased referrals –  You need referrals don’t you? People love to look at photos. But they also love to talk about photos.


01. You’re a photographer aren’t you? Well aren’t you?


Some Album Templates we think you and your clients will love




All of our album templates are WHCC compatible or come in standard sizing to suit your favorite printer.


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