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Album Printing: 12 x12 Leather Album With Combo Cover by WHCC

Album printing is just as crucial as your album design perhaps even more so. Who you choose to print your albums will make a big impact on how your clients perceive your product. That very same impact will determine your ability to close sales. Choose a vendor that offers a variety of choices with the best quality that fits your budget. You may want to sample a few different print houses before deciding which lines you will feature to your clients.


Album Printing: Avoid Costly Mistakes

Of course when choosing a printer for your albums you’ll want to make sure that they print and display your photos beautifully. When you’re deciding on an album printer it is a good idea to order a few test prints from them to make sure that what you are seeing on your computer is what they are delivering as a finished product. If needed make adjustments to your monitor calibration, submit a few more test prints and verify the results before submitting your order.

Test prints are also a great way to sample the various print styles a vendor may offer. In the case of WHCC they have several different printing surfaces to choose from. You could order a single print in each of the surfaces to keep on hand for future reference or to offer upgrades to clients.


Album Printing: What To Look For

In addition to stellar prints judge the overall quality of the album. Does the complete look and feel seem impressive? The album should have a nice weight and heft to it. Your album should also have a good hand feel. Does it feel smooth and luxurious?

What about the pages? Are they finished nicely, do they have a nice weight and thickness to them? The devil is in the details. Make sure the details such as stitching, binding and assembly are finished nicely.


WHCC Leather Album With Combo Cover

If you haven’t had any albums printed from WHCC before and wondering about the quality of their albums you can get a decent idea of what your finished albums will look like.

12 x 12 Leather Album with Combo Cover –  Photo on front only

  • 20 Spread/ 40 Pages
  • Options –  White Leather w/White Stitching

Album Printing Leather Album



Album Printing


Leather Album


leather album


Leather Albums


Photos: Wedding Photographer Ryan Polei

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